December 2010 – eXpresser milestone release

The latest milestone release (migensystem-1-7737b available as a zip file from our google code repository) was used for multiple sessions in a school study with 30 students together with a preliminary version of the teacher tools.

Students worked for 4 days with several activities with and without eXpresser.

This is a milestone release following the previous one in October. It includes several invisible bug fixes and other changes that improve eXpresser’s performance.

Visual changes include

  • additional activities when eXpresser starts (e.g. “My Building Block” where students are encouraged to build their own building blocks)
  • intelligent support for several linear tasks, the microworld affordances and the reflective questions
  • a quadratic task, to which we refer as “Grid”
  • teacher tools (particularly the grouping tool)
  • collaboration documents that get constructed when students login together
  • explicit “Finished” button that allows finishing an activity and closing eXpresser

There are also a lot of User Interface improvement on the teacher tools and the configuration options. Have a look at the code changes in the repository for more details.


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