MiGen video presentation on MiGen

A video is now available to watch on the TEL YouTube channel. ‘MiGen: Unlocking Algebra’ video, showcases our work.


November 2011 release

Try our latest milestone release (migensystem-1-10948Mb available as a zip file from our google code repository) contains significant improvements and bug fixes and language support for Spanish and Portuguese !

We also make available a version for Macs as an application, making it easier to download and start http://code.google.com/p/migen/downloads/detail?name=eXpresser-1-10948b-mac.zip&can=2&q=

The MiGen project has officially come to an end 😦  However, development continues. Follow our efforts to make the system more widely available on the web. Although not formally released yet, this link takes you the web-version of eXpresser with a pre-configured activity.

Comments, ideas and support are as always welcome.

December 2010 – eXpresser milestone release

The latest milestone release (migensystem-1-7737b available as a zip file from our google code repository) was used for multiple sessions in a school study with 30 students together with a preliminary version of the teacher tools.

Students worked for 4 days with several activities with and without eXpresser.

This is a milestone release following the previous one in October. It includes several invisible bug fixes and other changes that improve eXpresser’s performance.

Visual changes include

  • additional activities when eXpresser starts (e.g. “My Building Block” where students are encouraged to build their own building blocks)
  • intelligent support for several linear tasks, the microworld affordances and the reflective questions
  • a quadratic task, to which we refer as “Grid”
  • teacher tools (particularly the grouping tool)
  • collaboration documents that get constructed when students login together
  • explicit “Finished” button that allows finishing an activity and closing eXpresser

There are also a lot of User Interface improvement on the teacher tools and the configuration options. Have a look at the code changes in the repository for more details.

eXpresser r4287 milestone release

The latest milestone relese (available as a java start from our software page and as a zip file from the hosting in google code) includes the following changes:

From the pre-xmas release it incorporates:

  • the new property list that contains two tabs that separate pattern creation and building block translation
  • and additional integrated feedback for the correctness of local and global rules

Since the new year we have been working a lot on the internal architecture of the system, so not a lot of visible changes apart from:

  • Improved activity documents with additional questions that help students reflect on their work
  • The Train Track  activity has been changed to allow students to show the structure of the pattern using different colours. You will notice the difference in  World Colouring Rule where it expects a rule for the total number of tiles used in the canvas and not just for one colour. This is also the reason that the initial pattern in the Activity Document is shown in grey.
  • As always some bugs were fixed – but feel free to report anything you find

eXpresser v1-3670b

A pre-Christmas release is now available for testing  (download  migensystem-1-3670b.zip) !

This version demonstrates an attempt to take into account some feedback from the last practioner’s meeting (see the December newsletter). In particular apart from several bug fixes:

      1. we tried to reduce the complexity of the property list. Now, the property list contains 2 tabs. One is for the number of repetitions and the number of coloured tiles you need and the other one is for the translations, across and down.
      2. change #1 enabled us to re-order the properties when making a pattern (i.e., the pattern maker window) back to how they were originally conceptualised.  Now the number of repeats of the building block is last. This draws students’ attention first to the translations and the structure of the pattern (we found that it was more natural to decide first the placement of the building block rather than the number it repeats).
      3. another feature-in-progress is the ability of the microworld to provide integrated feedback for the correctness of the rules (both for local patterns and for the whole world). At the moment, when the rule is wrong, its frame is painted red, otherwise it is painted green.

      We are working to improve these features, so your feedback would be valuable.

      By the way – in case you didn’t notice we also changed a bit the website.

      In the spirit of the days and to reflect the scenery around LKL we ‘ve also enabled the ‘snow falling on the blog’ wordpress feature. It will be there only until January 4th ! Meanwhile enjoy the festive period and have a  happy new year… and if you are interested  for a quick challenge outside expresser have a look at the NCETM Season’s Greetings.

      November newsletter

      MiGen Project email newsletter, 5th November 2009


      The MiGen Project has now entered its third and final year.

      The project has continued releasing new versions frequently and is also experimenting with using Java Web Start as a method of making the software more widely available. The latest release can always be found here: https://migenproject.wordpress.com/software/


      The MiGen team attended several conferences over the summer.  Selected publications can be found here: https://migenproject.wordpress.com/publications/.

      In particular, the team had a strong presence in International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED’09) where the team also organised a workshop and presented their work in the interactive demonstrations showcase of AIED systems.

      Other conferences the team attended include:

      • The User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP’09),
      • The 33rd Annual Meeting of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME),
      • The “Using ICT to promote conceptual learning in mathematics” symposium in BPS Developmental Psychology conference and
      • The European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (ECTEL’09).


      The 6th MiGen Practitioners’ Advisory Meeting will be held on the 25th of November at 4.30pm at LKL.

      AIED 2009

      The MiGen team organised a workshop in the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED2009). The Intelligent Support for Exploratory Environments (ISEE’09) workshop provided a forum for discussion, dissemination of information around the challenging problems posed by the application of intelligent support to exploratory learning environments. For more information and to join the community around this field see http://link.lkl.ac.uk/isee . The team also presented their work in the interactive demonstrations showcase of AIED systems. More information will be available https://migenproject.wordpress.com/publications/aied2009-event/.