MiGen video presentation on MiGen

A video is now available to watch on the TEL YouTube channel. ‘MiGen: Unlocking Algebra’ video, showcases our work.


November 2011 release

Try our latest milestone release (migensystem-1-10948Mb available as a zip file from our google code repository) contains significant improvements and bug fixes and language support for Spanish and Portuguese !

We also make available a version for Macs as an application, making it easier to download and start http://code.google.com/p/migen/downloads/detail?name=eXpresser-1-10948b-mac.zip&can=2&q=

The MiGen project has officially come to an end 😦  However, development continues. Follow our efforts to make the system more widely available on the web. Although not formally released yet, this link takes you the web-version of eXpresser with a pre-configured activity.

Comments, ideas and support are as always welcome.

February 2011 – eXpresser milestone release

The latest milestone release (migensystem-1-8479b available as a zip file from our google code repository) contains significant changes from the December release.

The main change is an attempt to reduce the space occupied by the General Model by including it in the Activity Document. In specific tasks this means that it can be included above or below the task presentation. In all other cases, users can construct their own Activity Documents.

This change also affects the way the students’ work area can be presented. It now includes the “Play Button” as well and therefore students can check the generality of their models directly in their working area. Other implications of this change include:

  • the General Model can be resized and/or zoomed accordingly
  • values of unlocked numbers are shown in the General Model as soon as they are unlocked (the window displays unnamed unlocked numbers and named unlocked numbers separately)
  • the Model Rule appears in an equation in the General Model and named unlocked numbers appear simply as their names.

Because of these significant pages we wrote more detailed descriptions in the Using MiGen pages (note also a new video from the MiGen team “Learn eXpresser in less than 5 minutes“ that introduces eXpresser and incorporates the changes to the ‘General Model’ mentioned above).

You feedback and ideas for future versions are welcome.

Other changes include the following:

  • users can change tasks without closing eXpresser
  • documents/pages can also be saved and loaded without closing eXpresser

There are also a lot of change in the teacher tools

  • classroom dynamics tool, grouping tool, student tracker, goal achievement

These were demonstrated at a PGCE session at the Institute of Education.

December 2010 – eXpresser milestone release

The latest milestone release (migensystem-1-7737b available as a zip file from our google code repository) was used for multiple sessions in a school study with 30 students together with a preliminary version of the teacher tools.

Students worked for 4 days with several activities with and without eXpresser.

This is a milestone release following the previous one in October. It includes several invisible bug fixes and other changes that improve eXpresser’s performance.

Visual changes include

  • additional activities when eXpresser starts (e.g. “My Building Block” where students are encouraged to build their own building blocks)
  • intelligent support for several linear tasks, the microworld affordances and the reflective questions
  • a quadratic task, to which we refer as “Grid”
  • teacher tools (particularly the grouping tool)
  • collaboration documents that get constructed when students login together
  • explicit “Finished” button that allows finishing an activity and closing eXpresser

There are also a lot of User Interface improvement on the teacher tools and the configuration options. Have a look at the code changes in the repository for more details.

November 2010 – news

Best PhD student paper

The paper “Adaptive Modelling of Users’ Strategies in Exploratory Learning Using Case-Based Reasoning” by M. Cocea, S. Gutierrez-Santos and G.D. Magoulas, which describes work done in the context of the MiGen project, won the best PhD student paper award at the 14th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems (KES 2010), Cardiff, Wales, UK, 8-10 September 2010.

CERME Distinguished Lecturer Series

As part of the Centre for Research in Mathematics and Science Education’s Distinguished Lecturer Series,  Richard Noss and Celia Hoyles represented the MiGen team and presented on ‘Mathematics at Work: A Need for New Mathematical Literacies” at the University of San Diego.

National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics: Teacher as Researcher Conference

Eirini Geraniou and Helen Humble, a maths teacher from Amery Hill School presented at NCETM on 19th October 2010 at the Crowne Plaza in Birmingham.

Their presentation can be downloaded:  Eirini Geraniou & Helen Humble workshop-19-10-2010

ECTEL 2010

Alex Poulovassilis presented at ECTEL10 – the Fifth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning Sustaining TEL: from Innovation to Learning and Practice in Barcelona on 30th September.

The presentation in pdf version can be downloaded from here: ectel10_pres

Sergio Gutiérrez-Santos and Manolis Mavrikis were co-organisers of the Intelligent Support for Exploratory Environments (ISEE’10) workshop.  For more information and to join the community around this field see http://link.lkl.ac.uk/isee