MiGen System

Please note that due to the iterative nature of the project, we release new versions of the software very frequently (at least once a week on average). See the latest news for changes in each version.

The latest release is

Unzip the archive in a folder in your computer.After unzipping, most users should find sufficient to just double click on the run-expresser_NO_server.bat (or run it from the command line)

Mac users can also use the bundled application for Macs.

Running eXpresser requires Java Version 6 which can be downloaded from here (you need to have OS X 10.5.6 or later and update to have updated to Java 1.6).

The page Using Migen has tutorials and other links on how to use eXpresser.

Feel free to contact us if you would like further support.


Note also we made available a release of JFT, the Java Feedback Toolkit (download jft-1-10820b.jar with examples).

Ongoing work

We are porting eXpresser on the web.

It is still early stages but you can a get a taste of web-expresser going to (please use Firefox, as it is the browser where the system has been tested at this stage).

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