December newsletter

The MiGen team attended a Teaching and Learning Research Programme – Technology Enhanced Learning (TLRP-TEL)  Show & Tell event at Durham where they presented an update on the project with information on its future trajectory as it is entering its third and final year.

On Wednesday, 25th of November, the MiGen team had its 6th Practitioners Advisory Group Meeting. Several maths teachers, mathematics education consultants, teacher educators and researchers participated. They provided the team with valuable feedback. The next such meeting should be taking place in spring 2010.

The latest milestone release can be found on the MiGen website at  This was released immediately after the 6th Practitioners’ Advisory Meeting.  The team are now working on improving this based on user feedback, while thinking about v2 of eXpresser.


Earlier this month, Richard Noss gave a keynote presentation on MiGen in Brazil at the Uniban of Sao Paulo’s Graduate Mathematics Education Programme.  He also did two lectures at the University of Rio Claro.

Celia Hoyles also presented a series of five lectures, one of which was about MiGen, at the Uniban, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The following paper was presented on 15th December 2009 at the 14th UK Workshop on Case-based Reasoning (in conjunction with AI-2009 Twenty-ninth SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge, England 15-17 December 2009):

Cocea, M., Gutierrez-Santos, S., Magoulas, G. D.: Enhancing Modelling of Users’ Strategies in Exploratory Learning through Case-base Maintenance

The following paper was presented at the BSLRM conference at Loughborough University on 14th November 2009:

Geraniou, E., Mavrikis, M., Hoyles, C. & Noss, R. (2009). Design Decisions: A Microworld for Mathematical Generalisation. In M. Joubert (ed.) Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics 29(3). Available at